First Steering Committee Meeting of the Vietnam Integrity Alliance

Hanoi, 16th June 2014 - The 1st Vietnam Integrity Alliance (VIA) Steering Committee (SC) meeting was held on 10 June, 2014 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. All members had discussion on charter and organization structure of VIA and SC term of reference.

All agreed that the VIA is an independent group of companies and business associations. As a group created by the business community in Vietnam, the VIA welcomes engagement from local and international businesses, business associations and other relevant stakeholders. With vision of an open, clean and fair business environment in Vietnam where all stakeholders advocate and advance principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance and promote Vietnam as an investment destination, VIA will develop, promote and implement business integrity initiatives that support the business community to individually and collectively improve integrity systems and share best practice based on international standards.

Steering Committee voted a Chairman and two Vice Chairs for inaugural Steering CommitteeDavid Priestly (Managing Director of Rolls-Royce International), Vice Chairman of BBGV in Hanoi was unanimously voted as Chair, whilst Michael Behrens (General Director of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam) and David Champion (Managing Director of Bayer Vietnam), two Vice Chairmen of EuroCham in Ho Chi Minh were voted as Vice-Chairs for the duration of the inception period (June-December 2014).

The SC including EuroCham, AusCham, CanCham, GIC/AHK, BBGV and Towards Transparency discussed a draft work plan, promotion and outreach from June to December for the VIA, and agreed to lay emphasis on developing a work plan together with a number of selected activities (e.g. Code of Conduct or Integrity Pledge) in preparation for the public launch of the VIA towards the end of the year.

Mr. David Priestly, Chairman of VIA's inaugural Steering Committee stated that "I am very passionate about this topic. This initiative is critical to provide tools to help Vietnam reach its full business potential. The proposed vision and objectives of the VIA should also help it have an impact in encouraging fair business practices."

For more information, please contact:

Mai Thi Thanh Huong
Project and External Relations Manager
Email: huong@eurochamvn.org
Nguyen Huong
Communications Officer
Towards Transparency
Email: nguyenhuong@towardstransparency.vn

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