Company Integrity Programme: Quick Self-Evaluation Tool (Quick SET)

How do you feel your company manage integrity risk ?

The Quick-SET, based upon key countering bribery international standards of Transparency International Business Principles, helps business quickly self-assess their systems in term of managing potential corruption risks. (The assessment will be done ANONYMOUSLY so you will only need to answer "Yes", "No" or "Plan" to questions bellow without providing any other information about your company). To have comprehensive evaluation of your corporate integrity programme, it is advisable to use Full Self-Evaluation Tool (Full-SET). You can also contact Towards Transparency (TI's national contact in Vietnam) for technical advice and/or support.

No. Criteria Yes No Plan


1 Does your company have a formal up-to-date written policy of zero-tolerance to bribery ?
2 Does your company have public commitment to be consistent with all relevant anti-bribery laws in all the jurisdictions in which your company operates?
3 Does your company make a commitment (internal and/or public) to implement a Corporate Integrity Programme ?


1 Does your Company carry out regular risks assessment to determine the risks/likelihood/consequences of bribery and tailor the policies, procedures, controls to mitigate these risks?
2 Does your Company have detailed policies, procedures and controls for:
charitable donations and sponsorships?
facilitation payments?
gifts, hospitality and travel expenses?
conflict of interest?
3 Does your company's leadership show active commitment to the Integrity Programme and act as an example for transparency and integrity?
4 Does your company's leadership assign unambiguous responsibility and authority to managers for implementing company's Integrity Programme?
5 Does your company encourage similar policies and procedures in business entities in which your company has a significant investment/control or with which it has significant business relationships?
6 Are those policies and procedures communicated/or training provided to:
all directors, managers, employees in your company?
key high risk partners (including agents, intermediaries, contractors and suppliers) ?
other relevant stakeholders ?
7 Does your company's human resources practices (including among others/ not limited to recruitment, training, performance evaluation, remuneration, recognition and promotion) reflect your company’s commitment to preventing corruption?
8 Does your company provide secure and accessible channels through which employees and others can obtain advice or raise concerns (‘whistleblowing”) without risk of reprisal?
9 Does your company have internal controls to counter bribery comprising financial and organisational checks over accounting and record keeping practices ?


1 Does your company have internal control systems, in particular the accounting and record keeping practices, subjected to regular review and audit?
2 Do your company's senior management/ or board of directors periodically review the suitability and effectiveness of those policies and procedures and implement improvements?
3 Does your company's Audit function, Board or equivalent body make a regular independent assessment of the adequacy of the Programme?


1 Does your Company carry out external assurance of its Corporate Integrity Programme and publicly disclose information about the Programme?